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Scarves are worn for myriad reasons including cleanliness, warmth, religious purpose and styling. Today’s world is driven by fashion and scarves are considered one of the most fashionable accessory. These outfits are not only trendier but fashionable as well, commonly used by men and women both. However if we talk about popularity, they are more common among women. Contemporary women of today’s generation is choosier and conscious about the way they look, therefore has launched sui generis range of scarves for women. Scarves of our assortment have the capability in making style statement, perfectly compliment their sense of attiring and bring ahead the classic and gorgeous look.

Our collections are not limited to women’s scarves only, in this site you will discover the wide array of men’s scarves as well. Most men prefer to wear these pieces of clothes in extreme weather conditions, either in chilly winds of winters so they can get warmth or in hot scorching summers for wiping sweat. Men’s head scarves are the most exploited form of these outfits because they serve the basic purpose of providing warmth to head from colder waves.

The assortments of scarves we have are the result of extensive research done in ancient Indian handicraft, innovative ideas of our designers and other team members. The reason why we are here is we were desperate to introduce India’s finest quality of rural art and craft to world. We were dedicated to bringing out the hidden treasure of India’s far off tribes and culturally more relevant designs for scarf. Available at unbeatable variety and the price, they capture every nuisance of ancient Indian artistic designs.

The website is hospitable, designed in a user friendly manner. Scarves are assorted on the base of fabrics and designs. Manufactured from pure silk, cotton, wool and from their blended forms, scarf’s artistic designs are complete treat to watch. Here, you will explore some awesome range of silk, cotton, geometric & stripped, paisley, floral and solid color scarves.

Silk scarves are fabulous fashion accessory whether they are made from pure munga silk, tusshar silk or blended form. You can use silk scarves as a gracious fashion accessory in outdoor events for instance at party, dinner or meeting with your friends. Silk which is considered as valuable fabric, has adorned the attire of royals and wealthier people at one point of time. It is a luxurious fabric, but very easy to care. On washing neither it gets shrink nor loses its shape.

Woolen shawls for dresses are made from fleece of domesticated sheep and natural fibers. Suitable for the winter season they are lightweight and soft. Wool as a non conductor of heat provides warmth and comfort to wearer. The combination of vivid designs and patterns on woolen shawls show the great degree of craftsmanship of our designers. Most of our woolen shawls are made from pure wool and the rest from artificial wool.

Cotton, the most common piece of fabric has a unique property of being cool in summers and warm in winters. This makes cotton scarves wearable and trendy accessory for all seasons. The fusion of various colors and designing patters make this elegant piece of cloth ideal as formal and casual wear. Our cotton scarf has very simple and sober look mostly with colorful decorative borders. Scarves whether made from pure or blended cotton are lightweight, durable and artistically nike free 5.0 womens/men outlet au

These fashionable accessories of are hand woven, and some are manufactured by jacquard weaving technique. Zari and Kantha are traditional Indian embroidering techniques applied in scarves for imprinting attractive and aesthetic designs. A few scarves have prints of terracotta, polka dots and chequered designs.

As a piece of usable and stylizing cloth, you can drape scarves around the neck or just leave them hanging from the shoulder or wrapped around the head or at waist. We have extremely authentic range of scarves for men and women. Smooth texture, elegant touch and expensive look are some features that make scarves hugely popular among youth.