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Silk Scarves

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Silk apparels have been always a part of luxurious lifestyle. Silk is one such fabric which is versatile, soft and season adaptive. Silk is the strongest natural fiber, absorbs moisture which makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. Scarves for women made of silk are highly comfortable and compliments the apparel you wear. Silk has vibrant colors and excellent absorbing property which further enhance the overall look of scarf.

Scarves of different silks for instance pure muga silk, pure tusshar silk or blended form have their own royal touch. As a part of women’s wear it helps them to create impact on onlookers. In our store you will find the combination of modern, contemporary and ethnic womens scarves.

Perfect as fashion accessory silk scarves for women offer exquisite flowing movements. Availability of these scarves is in huge number, that means you will definitely find one or two of your choice which will complement your attire. You can wrap them around neck or leave them hanging from shoulder or use them as shawl or drape around waist in stylized way.

It is not a difficult task to tie or drape womens scarves. You need to make a loose knot in one end and wrap around neck. Pull the ends but take care of both sides; they are supposed to be even. Other way is to fold scarf in two pieces and wrap it around back of neck, make a loop and pull it on other end. Basically this beautiful fashion accessory need not to be worn in a particular way. Wear it the way you want to embellish the look of your dress.

For cleansing at home, opt for hand wash instead of machine wash because machine wash can damage silk’s fibers also the colors of other fabrics can get stick to it. Even while hand washing use warm water not hot. Silk and human hair is protein fibers, it means you can use shampoo for cleansing. One thing to remember is not to wring out water, this action can damage fibers. Hang to dry, away from sunlight. To make the life of silk scarf long, we advise you to dry clean it.

During earlier centuries silk was afforded by some wealthier people only but now silk apparels are in reach of everyone in different varieties and qualities. Out of dresses made from silk – scarves and shawls are in great demand. To fulfill the demand of this fashionable world our company has launched some unique range of silk scarves.